June 5 2017

Work Experience at an Insurance Brokerage House

At the beginning of first year, I wasn’t exactly sure on what I wanted to do with my career – it seemed so far away and so alien that I didn’t really know where to start looking. So, after I felt settled into life in Durham, I managed to sort out a couple of weeks of work experience in London for the summer.

The work experience was in an insurance brokerage house, one of the largest firms in the world. I went into the experience with an open mind, and was placed within the team who dealt with insurance against terrorism and political violence. Having a limited understanding of the insurance industry – google searches had only provided me with snippets of information – I was surprised to be working on projects relating to something fairly intangible such as terrorism. It was interesting to understand and view the various processes that form the process of amassing data, to input such data into models and to pitch to various clients. I found it interesting to consider the rapid growth in the trade of terrorism insurance; terrorism seems to be one of the largest threats to our generation, and the analysis of data relating to it was fascinating.

Although I do not think I will go into a career in insurance, as there was too much of a sales aspect for my personal preference, I am thoroughly pleased I experienced the industry and played a small role in one of the most innovative insurance teams in the country.

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Phoebe Lundy

Marketing Manager 2016/17

Durham University Women in Business