Mentorship Scheme

The DUWIB mentorship scheme pairs student mentees with graduate mentors so that mentees can gain application tips, interview advice, industry insight and guidance during the internship/application process. The 2021/2022 academic year saw a large development of this network, with over 150 mentor-mentee pairings.

The scheme aims to foster long lasting relationships and should be mutually beneficial. The programme works so that mentees take charge of their own development by proactively organising regular conversation with their mentors.


Our mentors work in a diverse range of industries that include but are not limited to law, banking, accounting, consulting, marketing, asset/wealth management, teaching, politics and many more.

Mentee applications for the 2021/22 mentorship scheme have now closed; however, please do reach out to Phoebe Farman at asking for vacancies.

Mentor applications are open year round. Please fill out the form if interested and we will be in touch shortly.

Mentoring Scheme