October 8 2016

Making the most of DUWIB

Hi, and welcome to DUWIB! I’m Pichi, President for 2016/17. To start, I’d like to give you a little introduction to our society and to the purposes of this ‘Blogs’ segment.

DUWIB was founded around 6 years ago, and has been expanding since then. We’re a society that aims to provide career support through networking events, speaker panels and workshops to members. Last year saw the launch of our Alumni Network and the Alumni Mentorship Scheme, designed to widen our network and provide members with a more personal career insight. This year will see the introduction of ‘Blogs’ and the Student Mentorship Scheme to promote sharing of experiences and to strengthen the relationship between our members.

In this upcoming year, expect to see this space filled with insights, advice and stories written by our executive team. We’ll share our experiences on application processes, internships, networking events and many more. This is all to provide you, our members, with a more personal take on starting a career.

 If you would like our perspective on a particular topic, you can email us at women.inbusiness@durham.ac.uk. We also welcome you to share your own experiences – you can do this by emailing us with your ideas.

As the first topic, I thought I’d provide you with advice on how you can make the most of DUWIB. This blog will also provide a high level overview of the plans and events we have for the upcoming year.

Attend networking events

Our networking events are a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the industry, the firm and the work. This is especially the case, as our events tends to be more intimate, with places for around 30 or less members. Attending these events is also a great way to improve your communications skills and build your own network with recruiters, businesswomen and other students.

Our networking events are usually quite intimate, with places for around 30 or less attendees. This is to allow our members to gain a more personal insight into our sponsor firms. You can also start to build your network at university by meeting recruiters, businesswomen and other students. Please visit our Events page to see our future events.

Attend DUWIB events 

In addition to our events with sponsors, we also host our own events. We had our annual Welcome Drinks last week to welcome you all to DUWIB and answer any questions you may have. This term, you can look forward to our ‘Find Your Career Calling: Session 1’ event, where we invite women with varying career experiences to come speak, host skills workshops and end with an informal networking afternoon tea. We also aim to host more informal events for our members this year for us to get to know each other better and strengthen our network.

Join our Mentorship Programmes

Last year, we launched the Alumni Mentorship Scheme, pairing Durham Alumnae with current students. The mentors will have at least 2 years’ experience in the student’s chosen industry and will answer questions, offer advice and guide with applications and interviews. As well as continuing this, we will be launching the ‘Student Mentorship Programme’ this year. This programme will provide students with an opportunity to be paired up with a like-minded, driven student from another year to discuss future careers, fears and application errors and successes. Joining our programmes will enable you to receive personal and tailored advice, form a stronger application and widen your network.

Ask us questions 

If you have further questions on career paths, our sponsor firms, our events, or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at women.inbusiness@durham.ac.uk. We are here to help!

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I look forward to being your President for 2016/17.


Pichi Charoenpanit

President 2016/17

Durham University Women in Business