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About Sales and Marketing

Do you want to be an essential part of the driving force of a company? Marketing & Sales are the tools required in every business, charity or institution who require outside interest for participation levels, funding and so on. It is a good idea to get a basic understanding of the difference between marketing and sales and the various elements that make up these fields too. Follow the link for a basic introduction here.

Whilst at Durham University take a look at the modules run by the Business School; for example, Marketing Principles is a great option which provides a basic introduction to key concepts both theoretically and as applied uses in the real world. There are plenty of books available in the Bill Bryson Library to start you off, in addition to an initial Google search. There is an Institute of Sales and Marketing as well as an interesting website ‘Sales and Marketing Management’. Due to the requirement for sales and marketing positions in almost orologi replica every firm it wouldn’t be helpful for us to provide a list of suggested companies. Instead it may be best to use graduate recruitment websites such as Milkround or Target to start to appreciate the wide array of different types of business you can go in to, whether your interest is in the technology industry, manufacturing, retail, charity, etc.