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About Public Relations

Organisations ultimately rely upon their reputation for their success in the competitive business world. Public relations manage the reputation of a company in the eyes of its clients by hosting events, using social networks, and liaising with the media in order to create a positive image and thus generate higher sales. The aim of PR professionals is to create and maintain a strong relationship with their clients. Day-to-day activities vary depending on the company, but general roles include creating press releases, writing newsletters, organising events, acquiring celebrity brand ambassadors, etc. Those working in PR tend to work either in a specialist agency, or in the PR/Marketing department of a larger company. Agencies tend to work with multiple companies at once, usually some start-ups and some high end brands, and they normally work towards one specific event, such as a perfume launch or an office opening. These tend to be more fast-paced and varied working environments due to the high volume of differing work going on at the same time. Working in the PR/Marketing department of a company involves a different approach, due to the work being only for a specific brand. This work is much more focused on keeping the company held in a good light and ensuring that the relationship with its clients is very strong. Unlike in agencies, however, this provides an opportunity to see more of other departments and how the company functions as a whole.

To get a job in PR you need to have had previous writing experience – anything from working for the university newspaper, writing a blog, or doing an essay-based subject. Most companies would agree that previous work experience in PR or Marketing is an advantage, and a keen interest in world affairs is crucial. It is also very important to carry out work in an agency and not only in the department of a company, as agencies teach a large amount in a short space of time. An undergraduate degree in PR is certainly not a requirement, with most companies hiring from a variety of academic backgrounds. Most PR agencies take on students for internships or work experience, which can last from two weeks to a year. There are also many PR agencies with an industry-specific focus, such as fashion, travel, health, etc. These provide the excellent opportunity to gain experience in an area you have an interest in. The links below contain further information and are well worth a read.

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