About the Charity Sector

The charity and non-profit industry comprises of organisations which seek to develop and achieve philanthropic goals in areas such as social and economic development, health and education. Working for a charitable organization or an NGO can be a fulfilling job that attracts graduates from many different degree types. Depending on the organization you work for you will be able to travel, have flexible working hours, have in-the-field experience, and become passionate about an issue that effect many people. There are many different roles to be filled in these organizations including fundraisers, administration staff, aid staff, expert consultants, charity officers, trustees and a whole range of much more specific jobs and roles depending on the type of charity. Skills needed to work for a charity include: strategic IT expertise, legal knowledge, strategic planning and thinking, health & safety, marketing and leadership experience and expertise.

As roles within charities vary so much, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly how to have the best CV for employers. Showing experience of working with charities in the past demonstrates that you have an interest in the sector but also that you have the important organisational skills relevant to any job. Playing sports can emphasise your ability to work in a team, and working or studying abroad schemes show that you are not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself. Training for things like working with children or first aid also show commitment while being focused on helping others. There are many ways these examples translate into university life, from joining a college sports team, DUCK or even just organising a bake sale. Nightline or DUCK are great ways of getting involved in university charities and will provide training that your future employer might be looking for. Internships in this sector tend to vary in their application processes but the following links highlight some key volunteering, work experience, internship and graduate opportunities.

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