Welcome to Durham University Women in Business (DUWIB)!

Founded in 2010, Durham University Women in Business (DUWIB) has been enormously successful in helping our members gain access to internships and graduate schemes with some of the world’s most prestigious firms. We aim to empower enterprising students of Durham University to expand and sharpen their understanding of business and give them the skills they will need to become future leaders.

A recent study has shown that, in higher education, women usually match their male counterparts, and often out-perform them (Higher Education Policy Institute 2009). However, only 3% of the Fortune Global 500 have female CEOs. This gender imbalance is reflected in Durham’s business and career orientated societies. DUWIB aims to change this. Despite offering opportunities to all students, DUWIB encourages female speakers and company representatives to lead events and recount their paths to success.

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Our membership base currently stands at 3400 and our alumni network stands at 300+

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Across 2020/21 we were sponsored by 24 firms and hosted 36 events for our members
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Across this year we sent 27 newsletters to 2000 student subscribers
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Our activities focus on three key areas:

Networking events to encourage a sense of unity and support both across the university (both undergraduates and postgraduates and with the world of business, using our mentors (recent graduates) and local entrepreneurs network.

Inspirational talks by successful businesswomen from many diverse backgrounds.

Interactive seminars and skills workshops in a range of different industries, encouraging and empowering students to apply to a diverse range of careers.

We hope to build a network of hardworking, ambitious students helping each other to navigate through internship and job searches, applications and interviews.